I am an expressive Toronto-born artist who has worked out of central Ontario for over 20 years in a frustrating struggle to find my place in society. 
I create work that captures the filthy beauty that exists in the moments between order and chaos by remixing reality using elements of biology and technology.  The concepts of ritual and random are paramount in provoking the sensation of familiarity while still looking at something for the first time.
As one who lives with mental illnesses, I consider my work a means of therapy – I have learned to be more productive when I feel overwhelmed by the world around me, confronting my own self-loathing and depression while attempting to stir thoughts and emotions in others.
I have explored this life thoroughly and always find myself returning to art, music, and literature.  I make art for the sake of making art.  Sometimes it gets political or emotional, but I simply cannot resist the urge need to fulfill my own need to create.
Kerry Cook is a mixed media artist and audio engineer from Scarborough Ontario who currently resides and works out of Barrie.  
He basically creates whatever he wants on a whim or with no point at all and then has the audacity to call it “art”.  Most of his work is bleak, usually washed-out collages that are outwardly offensive or uncomfortable in some way, even if it is not at first apparent.   
He is a treacherous scoundrel yet has somehow nearly completed a 3-year advanced art program at Georgian College.  He is much older than  his colleagues and perhaps this midlife crisis mixes with his urban experience and his love of biology and technology which shines through in the cynical nature of his work, resulting in imagery that may not be representative but is often loaded with symbolism.  Even his non-subjective work contains political elements reflecting on the chaotic world around him.

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